Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

AI is helping startups and small businesses launch their products, websites, and socials faster and easier than ever.

I've been using AI tools myself, and they are genuinely amazing... For specific uses.

But to create visuals that truly reflect your unique vision and values, and showcase your products or services in the best light, you still need that human touch.

I'll work with you to find the perfect balance between AI and human creativity.

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Fairbrother Engineering
For their "Steal from us" campaign
Hayden Paddon
For Spark as sponsor
Peter McLennan
Author, and member of the "Hallelujah Picassos" band
NZ Kickboxing
New Zealand vs China
Giapo Icecream
Celebrating the first of their karaoke nights
Giapo Icecream
With Gianpaolo (Owner) and comedian Raybon Kan
Commercial Window Cleaning
High rise window cleaners
Commercial Window Cleaning
High rise window cleaners
Souf Skate
Promoting their range of street wear
Carista House
Shot for "Journey to Carista" a real estate marketing campaign
Illegal Banditz Band
With Huz, Brooke Duff, and K.ONE
Prerna Sinha Raniga
(AKA DJ Charlie) Working with Totes Music for her Miss New Zealand competition debut
Totes Music
With Huz, DJ Justin Sane, and featuring Erin Simpson
Fairbrother Engineering
Staff portraits